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DC Public Schools (DCPS) Afterschool Programs allow students to participate in academic and extracurricular enrichment activities and to develop new hobbies and skills. Community based organizations and DCPS teachers and aides provide a variety of unique programming options to students.

Participation in high-quality afterschool programming has been proven to improve school attendance, academic achievement, graduation rates and attitudes toward learning. Students attending three hours of afterschool programming each day gain the equivalent of nearly four months of learning time.

The OSTP afterschool program features an Academic Power Hour and enrichment programming focusing on arts, athletics, and community service.

·  Program Hours: 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. on full school days

·  Provided: Supper/snacks will be provided to all students at no cost

Academic Enrichment
OSTP afterschool programs include an hour focused on academics called Academic Power Hour (APH) (3:30pm-4:30pm daily). This year, OSTP has developed a reading and a math curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards recently adopted by the District, along with a supplemental curriculum for science and art. Your school may also determine which academic resources and curricula best support instruction. Half of the Academic Power Hour focuses on reinforcing lessons from the school day. Teachers provide homework assistance during the other 30 minutes. To support your child’s experience, please:
  • Ask about what she/he learned in afterschool. Ask your child how what s/he learned during the APH relates to what s/he is learning during the school day.
  • Provide time and space for him/her to complete homework at home. Understand that since the Academic Power Hour combines time for homework and for targeted instruction, your child likely will need additional time at home to complete his/her homework.
  • Review the homework that was completed in afterschool so you know what your child is working on.
Coaches Corner
Coaches Corner (5pm-6pm) is a way for students to receive assistance with completing homework or receive one on one tutoring in Reading and Math (Sponsored by American University Tutors)
DCPS staff members, along with CBOs, LAYC , AU Tutors, DC Reads,  DC Scores, Girl Scouts, Garden ISH, Martha’s Table (Martha’s Market) etc. provide enrichment activities for students after the Academic Power Hour.

For more information on the After School Program click on the link below or contact our Cluster Coordinator.

DCPS Afterschool Program

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