Trabajos de Estudiantes


Play Plans: Each day students create plans of what they will do during centers by drawing a picture of themselves and the objects with which they will be playing.  After they have a clear picture, students learn to draw one line to represent each word in their plan.  As they develop, students begin to write the letters of the sounds they hear in the words, for example “Cr” to represent the word “cashier.”

More information about Play Plans from Tools of the Mind curriculum

Lower Elementary Samples

First-grade students studied the life skill perseverance, notice all they explored and discovered in this unit.

Students have also had opportunities to discuss and write during math inquiry.

Second-grade students recently studied the life cycle of plants. They created a diagram of the life cycle and then detailed plant part importance and the connections to other living things.

Upper Elementary Samples

Students were asked to answer the essential questions: How are the elements of our solar system connected? How can we use text features to help us better interpret, or understand, text?

Check out what one of our fourth graders articulated.


Upper grade students had the opportunity recently to grapple with the question: How do the unique qualities of an inventor contribute to the process of discover? Check out what the following student submitted as an invention proposal that deals with issues identified as a need right in our very own community.