Powell believes that families are integral to student success and that family involvement will increase satisfaction and enhance the school. Powell values families of all backgrounds and looks forward to hearing, sharing, and understanding aspects of every family’s experiences, languages, and culture in order to ensure student success. PLEASE CHECK THE PANTHER EXPRESS FOLDER IN YOUR CHILD’S BACKPACK DAILY.

We invite you to join us as we develop and cultivate learning experiences that meet the academic social, emotional, and physical needs of all of our students. If teachers, counselors, administrators, support personnel, and families work with continued diligence we can continue to create an exemplary instructional program and related activities.

Powell has many opportunities for parents and families to become involved with the the school including:

  • Weekly Parent Coffees with the Principal and Workshops (including Family Literacy, topics from the Department of Mental Health, Office of Latino Affairs).  All parents are welcome to these Parent Leadership Team Meetings.
  • Parent Computer Classes (in both Spanish and English)
  • Parent English Classes every Thursday from 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Powell Parent Association: P.O.P.P – Parents Organized For The Power of Powell
  • PIQE  -a nine-week parent-training program that helps parents know what is needed to support their children’s academic success
  • Volunteer opportunities before, during and after school

How you can support you scholar to have a successful school year:

  • Parents/guardians and other adult family members must encourage and monitor their child’s completion of homework. This means having a nightly routine for homework.
  • Schedule a regular time every day for homework and study. This includes time for reading for pleasure.
  • Children should have a special, quiet, well-lit place to do their homework each night.
  • Check the homework: Parents should monitor homework completion, offer assistance when needed, and make sure that homework is returned to the backpack and to school the following morning. However, parents/guardians should not complete their child’s homework assignment for them.
  • If a student can not complete an assignment without assistance, families should contact the teacher so that he or she can reteach the concepts. Whenever possible, homework assignments will be written in Spanish and English.

Family members are encouraged to attend school-sponsored workshops for parents/guardians about their child’s academic program and to ask the teachers and teaching associates for additional ways to support students’ academics at home.